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Activating Web Digital Certificates for Browsers

Defining browser settings

The browser has to support the usage of protocol SSL or TLS. Such browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. The browser must also enable strong encryption, i.e., the usage of 128 bit keys for algorithm RC4 and 2048 bit keys for algorithm RSA. You may check this either by reading the information about browser or by connecting to the test server and clicking "Connection Data". In the box, which opens, you should find "simmetric cipher: RC4-MD5, 128 bits " or another simmetric cipher with key longer than 56 bits. If not, please install a newer version of a browser, which will enable strong encryption. If your browser does not meet the requirements, you have to upgrade it or install a new version of the browser.

Provided that the browser supports strong encryption you must now set the proper security settings, so that the private key is protected by a password:

MS Explorer
We recommend that you set at least medium level of security settings. This is achieved through menu "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Security" -> "Internet" ->"Default level". The current level of security for this field is shown. If it is lower than medium, then set it with the scroll bar so that it is at least medium.
Other browsers- Firefox:
The password is set through menu "Preferences" -> "Privacy" -> "Master Password" or similar.

Activating web digital certificates

You will activate your web digital certificate in your browser with an authorisation code and a reference number, which you received by registered mail and e-mail.

instructions for MS Internet Explorer
instructions for Firefox (for other browsers the process is similar)

As explained in previous instructions the procedure for generating keys and activating your certificate is started by clicking


During this procedure you will accept both SIGEN-CA and SIGOV-CA authority certificates, this is necessary for recognition of of the interior servers.

TESTING the installation of the web digital certificate

Digital certificates, installed on your browser, can be viewed in accordance with the following instructions:

MS Internet Explorer
Firefox (for other browsers the process is similar)

To test the installation of digital certificates, we have set up a server for testing, which enables connections only with browsers that have a SIGEN-CA digital certificate. Click the following link:


If you logon successfully, this confirms that the installation of digital certificates was correct and successful. You will now be able to communicate with servers (e.g., EUZ), which enable access to those clients, which can be presented with SIGEN-CA digital certificate of the Certification Authority at MJU.


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