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After installing your web certificate on your browser, perform the following:

View your certificate and the issuer's certificate

Check the data on your certificate, and if it is not correct, act in accordance with SIGEN-CA Policy. Check the data by viewing the certificates.

View the digital certificates with a browser

Creating back-up copies of web certificates

If you have not activated your digital certificate on your smart card, make a back-up copy on USB Key or CD ROM or...

Create a back-up copy of your digital certificate with a browser

Protection of web certificates with passwords

If you activated your web page with MS Internet Explorer and did not choose a high level of protection for your certificate (your certificate is not protected with a password), then your certificate can be misused by anyone, who has access to your computer. You can protect your certificate also later by exporting it and then importing it. During the process of importation the high level of protection must be chosen.

In Mozilla Firefox browser you can set or change password through menu Preferences -> Privacy&Security -> Master Password.

Export a certificate to another browser

If you also wish to use your certificate with another browser, and are not using a smart card for storing your certificate, you can perform this by exporting your certificate and then by importing it into the browser of your choice.

It is necessary to make a back-up copy of the certificate (together with the private key). Then in the second browser you can import the certificate by opening the menu for managing certificates.
Mozilla Firefox: Preferences -> Privacy&Security ->Certificates -> Manage Certificates -> Import
MS Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates ->Personal -> Import

Activating certificates of issuers SIGOV-CA and SIGEN-CA

If you have not installed certificates of issuers SIGEN-CA or SIGOV-CA, you can do this at a later time.

Secure usage of web certificates

Follow the general instructions for secure usage, when using a web certificate. 


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